ALOHA UTOPIA - My Day at the Punk Rock Flea Market 2011

Below are some pics I snapped real quick throughout our (myself and Jennifer Gin's) day at this year's Punk Rock Flea Market, graciously put on by R5 Productions. We debuted our new prints for our collaborative project entitled ALOHA UTOPIA (we just launched a new tumblr for it!)

7:45 AM
Jen Pick-Up, she was so excited she didn't even open her eyes for this picture.

8:15 AM
We arrive and find that our table number is 69, I find this hilarious, Jen not so much.

8:30 AM
Our walls are up and securely clamped to the table, Jen starts to set up and hang our prints. The big orange one she is holding is really awesome. (better pic here)

9:00 AM
All Set Up!

A picture of our minimal table spread that only had promo cards, which went fast,
and a quick blurb.

9:30 AM
Other vendors are beginning to arrive, I think all told there was about 140 tables.
Things were about to get crazy.

9:45 Am
We decide to take a quick walk around and check out the scene. Yes, that is in fact a clear dress on the end of that clothing rack.

9:50 AM
Almost came up on a new whip. Brand Spanking New.

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Craziness, I saw and talked to a lot of people. Thanks to everybody who came by and bought something, was hyped on our table, or just said hello real quick. All in all it was a crazy day, definitely one to remember.

We've also got some big things coming up, please stay tuned and in the meantime check out our ALOHA UTOPIA TUMBLR that we will update FREQUENTLY. Thanks!


ALOHA UTOPIA! a collaborative set of prints

promo card front (total collaboration!)

promo card back (one of the first times i've used a wacom tablet, yikes)

I'm excited to announce that I will be debuting a new set of collaborative prints at this year's Punk Rock Flea Market, put on every year by the amazing R5 productions. I have been drawing and collaborating steadily with my friend Jen Gin on some drawings, for a project we are calling ALOHA UTOPIA! The Punk Rock Flea Market will be held in a warehouse across the street from the Starlight Ballroom (exact address is 461 n. 9th street) on December 11th (Sunday) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. I think its like $3 to get in.

Below is what we have to say about it so far:

"Hello/Goodbye from the most horrific/wonderful place on earth, one that can only be felt by the mind’s eye. A place so intrinsically ridiculous it defies all form of reality, and whether or not it exists is uncertain.

Aloha Utopia is a collection of prints by Jen Gin and Bradford Haubrich that embody the creative spirit, striking a balance between complete nonsense and perfect understanding. Enjoy walking the line between this/that with us.

Have a good day/night

-Brad & Jen"

rsvp on facebook here


"The End of Daze" Photographs

I recently commissioned my good friend and amazing photographer Phil Jackson to document my window display "The End of Daze" at The University of the Arts. I am extremely happy with how the photos turned out, as this window is notoriously difficult to photograph without any glare. THANKS PHIL

Phil is quite the popular dude these days, and has a lot of projects in the pipeline that I am certainly anticipating. Keep your ear to the ground or check him out at these various places on the internet:






New Paintings for "The End of Daze"

"The Eye of the Quiet Storm"
13.5" x 13.5" x 1.75"
mixed media

"The Eagle and the Stallion"
12" x 24" x 1.75"
mixed media

"Still Tempest"
30" x 36" x 2.75"
mixed media

Above are the new paintings created for a window display in the "Window on Broad" at the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery in the University of the Arts. As I was working on these pieces I wound up focusing more on the build up of materials and mediums to get these pieces to a finished state. This made the surface of the paintings much more textural, which I found interesting.

**Please contact for pricing

better photographs of the window coming soon ...


"The End of Daze" window installation

front of promo card

back of promo card

I am very excited to announce that I will creating a new installation for my alma mater The University of the Arts. The installation will be up from October 15, 2011 to November 15, 2011 and is located at 320 South Broad Street (pretty much Broad and Pine) on the East side of the street in front the infamous Anderson Hall (home to my beloved illustration department that I graduated from).

It is entitled "The End of Daze" (based of a previous painting) heres the blurb from the promo card that I wrote:

“The End of Daze” is an installation created specifically for the Window on Broad, in association with the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at The University of the Arts. This new environment, created by South Philadephia based artist Bradford Haubrich, intends to address the impending doom predicted for our Mother Earth, as well as its inhabitants, and how we may survive such trauma. Here the on-going visual narrative created by the artist, which references rely upon the duality and balance of the man-made, naturally-occuring, masculine, feminine, old, and new, set the stage for this installation. Please enjoy these new works and structures.

Check it out if you're in the Center City Philadelphia area!

Below is a little preview:


Photos from the opening of "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain"

The opening of "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain" was a huge success, and had a great turnout. I would like to personally thank all of the members of Part Time Studios for making this show possible, and everybody that came out. Additionally I would also like to thank Dewey Saunders, Bethany Casperite, Dietrich Meyer, Brian Kelly, Kate Arillo, Sheldon Abba, and Matty Gribben for helping me with the install/wall murals, making t-shirts, zines, etc. THANKS!!!

Below are some pics courtesy of Mr. Steven Speir:

front room view: collaborative pieces on the left, Dewey's two large paintings on the right

south east corner of front room:
Dewey's two large paintings to the left, and large piece of mine in the middle

southern wall:
another larger piece from myself, as well as a smaller piece of Dewey's by the floor

back wall: various new works by myself and Mr. Saunders

AWAYS walk around one of your openings with an open box of chicken supreme nachos (preferrably from Que Chula Es Puebla, if possible) I never realized how many friends I had. Anthony Pedro agrees.

In the back studio space all of the participating members of Part Time also had prints and paintings for sale. It was interesting to see everybody's personal workspace.

Front Window Vinyl!

Thanks again to everybody that made it out and supported myself and Dewey!


New Paintings for "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain"

"The End of Daze"
7.5" x 13" x 1.5"
Mixed Media

6" x 14" x 1.5"
Mixed Media

6" x 14" x1.5"
Mixed Media

Excited to share these new paintings, I made some smaller ones to juxtapose the larger ones that I will be showing at "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain" this Saturday September 2nd at Part Time Studios! 6 - 10 pm


T-Shirt Release for "The Skull, The Flower, The Bottle, The Mountain"!

I am pleased to announce that I will be releasing a limited run t-shirt graphic (shown above) through the generous support of my friends Sheldon and Matt of AUF. The shirt was inspired by a painting that I had made for a previous installation entitled "Melt. Down." In total there will only be 24 shirts available, 12 white 12 black, and once they're gone I'm pretty sure they're gone forever. Come early to "The Flower, The Skull, The Bottle, The Mountain" to get a shirt and hang out.

Oh yeah, me and Dewey are doing a 'zine too!


"The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain" New works by Bradford Haubrich and Dewey Saunders

I am excited to announce a two-person show I will be in this first Friday, September the 2nd at the one and only Part Time Studios (2031 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA) with my good friend Dewey Saunders. The show is entitled "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain" and is based around four collaborative pieces that represent these things. The above promotional image was a collaboration between myself and Dewey, and includes actual photographs of the four collaborative pieces before we started painting them. Here is the promotional blurb on the back of the card:

Miraculously drawn together by the almighty powers of this universe, two Philadelphia-based artists have embarked on a collaborative journey. A timeless journey in which, like so many before it, the emphasis has been squarely rested upon the shoulders of an unpredictable process, as opposed to the fruits it may yield. Four objects have been chosen to set the stage for this adventure that will be coming to a brilliant end on Friday September 2nd at Part Time Studios (2031 Frankford Ave.)

Please come out and show some love! The opening is Friday, September 2nd from 6 - 10 and there will be a closing on Friday, September 23rd from 6 - 10.

There will also be a secret t-shirt released as a collaboration between myself and some very good friends of mine. more information to come soon.


BAM!POW! issue 2 drawings

Tomorrow the second issue of BAM!POW!, a zine put together by friend Kevin Wallace who is a part of the Chernobyl Arts Collective, will be released at Philamoca (531 n. 12th street, Philadelphia PA). I have contributed the three drawings above, there is also a great group show and some film/psychadelic art shows all put together by friends of mine. There is a ton of stuff to see and do tomorrow for first friday, but this event is definitely worth a look.