"Melt. Down." a melting art installation

I am excited to announce my first big project of 2011. It is a self-initiated installation and collection of new works entitled "Melt. Down." The installation will be on display from March 7th to April 4th and will be changing/melting as the weather warms up and we get closer to spring time. "Melt. Down." will be installed in the front window of a large house (that many of my friends live in) on 9th and Catherine in South Philadelphia. This project intrigued me because it requires me to build-out gallery walls in the window display pictured above. To further complicate matters all artwork and materials for the gallery walls must be small enough to fit through the door to the window display, which is about 2' by 3.5 ' (as pictured above, represented by the pink box in the middle of the schematic). This should be interesting ...

Stay tuned for more information and install pictures as the opening date gets closer.

Also pictured above is the promotional card that I designed, as well as a google map screen shot of the exact location of the house.

Thank you to: Alaina, Emily, Yis, Liz, Matt, Kate, and Jon for letting me utilize their window dislpay for the month of March.


"ROLLD Bones" for The Age of Reptiles group show

As overheard while in line at Ricci's deli/hoagie spot on 11th and Annin: "Dis time those South Philly skate punks have gone too friggin' far! I can't believe they had to balls to defile and re-arrange those sacred dinosaur bones. I had heard about that burial ground down there on Darien and Snyder, but even as young butt head I never dared lift that man hole, much less party down there and leave my beer cans!!!! Kids these days, no friggin' respect for nuthin."

"ROLLD Bones"
17" x 25" x 1.75"
Mixed Media

Created for "The Age of Reptiles" group show at The (infamous) Paradigm Gallery, the show will be up from February 25 - March 18.

Special thanks to Anthony Pedro and The Autumn Society for including this skate dude in such an awesome show.

Also, thanks to Austin over at Eye Collector for the shout out!