"Up Out of Winter"

This was a piece that I started in the tail-end of winter, in anticipation for warmer weather, and just got around to finishing. With "Up Out of Winter" I aimed to record a profound moment in the life of this particular flower.


Urban Outfitters Benefit Newsletter

Me and my good friend Chris Arizzi recently wrapped up the Urban Outfiiters Benefits Newsletter for 2009. We were able to work on this project through our jobs at 168 Design, and it was a really enjoyable experience. Yup, this was a good one.


This would be a good self-portrait I think, if I was into portraits.


Bike to Work Week/Month, Columbus, OH

I was contacted way back in December/November of 2008, by the good folks at http://b2ww.org/columbus to do some artwork for their "Bike to Work Week" event(s) for the month of May. Originally we had planned on doing a poster, a t-shirt, and a spoke card; however, the project got chopped down to just the spoke card, which you see above. I wanted to post this because I am not actually sure if these were produced or not, but I really liked how it turned out regardless.

*side note: they actually contacted me because they liked the bike in my desktop wallpaper I did for Bobby Solomon's awesome blog Kitsune Noir.


Q BBQ & Tequila

Q BBQ & Tequila, is a restaurant that recently opened on 2nd and Chestnut in Philadelphia PA. Above is the menu, which I illustrated and also collaborated on the design with Leah Napolitano of 168 design. The artwork was then used for their homepage/website, designed by Lee Kernke, also of 168 Design. You should stop by and try their pulled pork sandwich, it's really really good.

the ampersand snake meets his death

Time Plant

the path to infinite

this is my first post to my first blog, so i figured it would be appropriate to share a drawing about the path to infinite. i look forward to blogging forever and ever.