Photos from the opening of "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain"

The opening of "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain" was a huge success, and had a great turnout. I would like to personally thank all of the members of Part Time Studios for making this show possible, and everybody that came out. Additionally I would also like to thank Dewey Saunders, Bethany Casperite, Dietrich Meyer, Brian Kelly, Kate Arillo, Sheldon Abba, and Matty Gribben for helping me with the install/wall murals, making t-shirts, zines, etc. THANKS!!!

Below are some pics courtesy of Mr. Steven Speir:

front room view: collaborative pieces on the left, Dewey's two large paintings on the right

south east corner of front room:
Dewey's two large paintings to the left, and large piece of mine in the middle

southern wall:
another larger piece from myself, as well as a smaller piece of Dewey's by the floor

back wall: various new works by myself and Mr. Saunders

AWAYS walk around one of your openings with an open box of chicken supreme nachos (preferrably from Que Chula Es Puebla, if possible) I never realized how many friends I had. Anthony Pedro agrees.

In the back studio space all of the participating members of Part Time also had prints and paintings for sale. It was interesting to see everybody's personal workspace.

Front Window Vinyl!

Thanks again to everybody that made it out and supported myself and Dewey!

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