ALOHA UTOPIA - My Day at the Punk Rock Flea Market 2011

Below are some pics I snapped real quick throughout our (myself and Jennifer Gin's) day at this year's Punk Rock Flea Market, graciously put on by R5 Productions. We debuted our new prints for our collaborative project entitled ALOHA UTOPIA (we just launched a new tumblr for it!)

7:45 AM
Jen Pick-Up, she was so excited she didn't even open her eyes for this picture.

8:15 AM
We arrive and find that our table number is 69, I find this hilarious, Jen not so much.

8:30 AM
Our walls are up and securely clamped to the table, Jen starts to set up and hang our prints. The big orange one she is holding is really awesome. (better pic here)

9:00 AM
All Set Up!

A picture of our minimal table spread that only had promo cards, which went fast,
and a quick blurb.

9:30 AM
Other vendors are beginning to arrive, I think all told there was about 140 tables.
Things were about to get crazy.

9:45 Am
We decide to take a quick walk around and check out the scene. Yes, that is in fact a clear dress on the end of that clothing rack.

9:50 AM
Almost came up on a new whip. Brand Spanking New.

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Craziness, I saw and talked to a lot of people. Thanks to everybody who came by and bought something, was hyped on our table, or just said hello real quick. All in all it was a crazy day, definitely one to remember.

We've also got some big things coming up, please stay tuned and in the meantime check out our ALOHA UTOPIA TUMBLR that we will update FREQUENTLY. Thanks!

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