SESSIONS art work (a collaboration with Oscar Productions)

Over the summer I had an amazing opportunity to work with Oscar Productions, a brand spanking new film production company out of Philadelphia, to concept and create original art work for the pilot episode of their reality show SESSIONS, created by Will Lampe. Each week SESSIONS focuses on a different band, and the trials and tribulations that go along with professionally recording their music. The recording takes place in Sine Studios, owned by Matt and Mike (don't know their respective last names but they're great dudes). This project was really long, but I learned a ton about animation, and had a really great time. It was really interesting to work with the team to create a visual identity for the show, and of course I got to do ALL of the lettering. Above are some of my favorite pieces of art work and lettering that I created for the show, and also a video of all the animation. Enjoy!!

Check out the rad website of Oscar Productions

Also check out their projects page with a description and trailer for the show.


Bacwords Nov. 6th at The North Star Bar

I haven't done a show poster in a while, for some reason I really wanted to make this one psychadelic and funny. Friday, November 6th at The North Star Bar. Should be good.

I also uploaded this to my long-dormant gigposters.com profile


What's Going on at Your Library?

I recently submitted an entry to the "Design-a-Tote-Bag" contest over at http://www.atyourlibrary.org. The only criteria was to design a cool image for their new tote bag's that are 18" x 24" (I suppose they are so big because they want people to take home alot of library books?). Anyways, you can start voting for all of the current designs on their flickr page.

Vote for mine!!

here is the link to their flickr page

and here is the link to my entry on flickr



Sun Giant

"Sun Giant" is a visual interpretation of a song that shares the same name by the The Fleet Foxes. The video below is of their Take Away Show that actually includes two songs, the first being Sun Giant (actually the first two minutes of the video). This image of the sun chanting as his beard fell to the ground always popped into my head whenever I would hear this song, so I felt compelled to make it into a picture. I started this over the summer as an experiment, with the hopes of combining textures and line work, as well as working with some new techniques to introduce into my digital work. It was extremely refreshing.