Twin Falls Idaho

I drew this with water color pencils, which I really enjoy using. Anyways, this is loosely based on a great song by Built to Spill with the same name. Thanks Built to Spill.


Framed Skeleton

This drawing feels a little morbid to me, but the funny part is that I looked back through some sketch books and realized that I draw skeletons more than I thought.


New Website

wow, can't believe it is finally up. Thanks to my good friend Brian for all of the help.


The Rock

My friend Brian Kelly has really been helping out with my website, and I wanted to compensate him fairly. So I gave him a rock. I wheat pasted a drawing that I did on vellum onto said rock, which I found one time when I went tubing. I am pretty sure he likes it, after all it does make for a really good paper weight.


A Piece of a Robot's Face

roughly one quarter of a robot's head, and maybe about two thirds of its face.


Indigenous Typeface

This is a typeface that I had floating in my head for awhile, it's called "Indigenous." It's inspired by a book that I saw in Maine one time called "Indian Magic." Anyways, I did this layout for The New Kids on the Block, an art show for recent graduates of the illustration department at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.