PAPER BLOG show pictures / video from opening night!

Paper Blog Opening from TrickGo on Vimeo.

Well the opening for PAPER BLOG was certainly a success, many friends came out to support me, and for that I am extremely grateful. Above are some pics of the show and some of my favorite pieces, as well as an awesome video from the opening night with a rad Talking Heads song! (Thanks Kelsey!) The show will be up for another three weeks at TrickGo on 1135 Pine street (in between 11th and 12th on Pine), store hours are: Weds. 12-7, and Friday - Sunday 12-7, swing by and check it out if you can!

also you can check my flickr photo stream for more pictures of the show and stuff



As the headline states, my show PAPER BLOG is this evening at 1135 Pine Street in Philadelphia, PA (on Pine in between 11th and 12th) from 6-10 pm. Try to make it if your in the area!

I would also like to thank all of the blogs that have given my show a promotional nod:

and anyone else i forgot, thanks a ton!


PAPER BLOG - keds to be raffled off

I am very excited to unveil these one-off Keds that I produced specifically to be raffled off at PAPER BLOG on March 19th. The pattern on these Keds is one that I had been working on for a little while, it is what the internet looks like to me, a more colorful version of binary code if you will (or something like that). Anyways, the original pattern can be seen on my flickr photo stream HERE, and though the maroon did print very light on the Keds I think that it still looks great and would be a really sharp summer shoe. Oh yeah, and the shoes are size 8.5 in Women's, and I got these printed at Zazzle.com. Thanks.


PAPER BLOG "alot of new stuff by Bradford Haubrich"

I am very pleased to officially announce my very first solo show and t-shirt collaboration with TrickGo clothing and boutique. The show is called PAPER BLOG and consists of many new drawings, new mixed media works on paper, a pair of keds I designed, uhhhhh a book, and some other stuff I know I am forgetting. Above is the really cool t-shirt collaboration I worked with Matt and Yis on (thanks homies!).

Here is the event info:

PAPER BLOG "alot of new stuff by Bradford Haubrich"
Friday March 19th, 2010
at the TrickGo store
1135 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA
6-10 pm

** If you buy a t-shirt or anything I will totally draw you a picture and give you a hug. Thanks, hope to see you there!