Dirty issue 1

My friend Pat told me about this project that he was curating a few months ago in conjunction with the rad folks over at Fireball Printing and Pterodactyl Philadelphia (they have studio spaces, teach art classes, etc.) That project we spoke about is the first issue of the magazine above called "Dirty." Basically Pat let me do whatever I wanted, so I took the opportunity to do some new work on the computer. The first image(s) is the cover, Pat gave me a few phrases to visually react to, and in the end I chose to respond to "all art, no ads" I thought it would be a appropriate to make a composition-less piece that is all "art" like a consistent motion or stream of color and lines. The second image is entitled "Midnight in the Garden" and the third is entitled "Family." I really like how these turned out, and hope you enjoy them as well. Thanks.


All Hands on Deck

I was invited to participate in the "All Hands on Deck" show at the Chapter House by my friend Anthony Pedro. The opening reception is this Friday, July 9th at 7 pm. My piece is shown above and is titled "The Severed Hand of Davy Jones" (and it is literally a hand on a deck) it measures 9" x 13" x 2" and is mixed media. Below is the artist list and official press release/verbiage (written by the talented Matt Cavenaugh):

One of the great relationships of human existence has been the timeless waltz of mankind and the sea. This relationship and dance was no doubt born out of man's need for exploration and adventure with our planet earth's largest arena. Man has traveled it in search of foreign lands, hunted it for resources and gotten lost in its vast unknowns. Regardless of the time period or situation the sea has provided and has continued to fascinate its seekers. Throughout these interactions the artist has been close at hand. Acting as witness, documenter, megaphone and author to these timeless endeavors.

In July 2010, in America's birthplace of Philadelphia, 30 emerging young artist of diverse skill sets have enlisted their services in riding the waves of discovery in effort to provide new additions of pictures to provide visual dialogs of mankind's fascination with the sea.


Julianna Lose
Peter Wonsowski
Joseph Game
Anthony Pedro
Kate Collins
Paul Palcko
April Milburn
Danielle Rizzolo
Alex Eckman-Lawn
Eric Braddock
Maryann Held
Pedro Delgado
Karen Hagen
Raymond Chase
Mike Wohlberg
Sam Heimer
Eamon Dougherty
Matt Cavanaugh
James Heimer
Tim Durning
Jeff Kilpatrick
Adrienne Langer
Brad Haubrich
Jeff DeSantis
Craig Parrillo
Thomas Lynch III