Melt. Down. Snowmelt Three

As the month of March draws to a close, we can feel spring approaching in our bones, in our minds, and in the air. The large tree sculpture has completely melted away its snowy edifice, and we see that the only remnants of this past cold season are the puddles on the floor. The flowers continue to bloom, as time marches on ... (sorry for the reflection on the window)


Burly Breakfast

Sometimes after a long Saturday night, you wake up with one thing on your mind (or at least I do) "Where can I get the most filling and hearty breakfast imaginable??" This thought is then followed by the inevitable phone call(s) to the various members of your crew, to get a consensus on where this trough of food may be purchased at the most competitive price. Usually the answer is Honey's or even the Penrose Diner, however; yesterday I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Now I do not necessarily think of myself as a gifted chef by any means, but after I had completed this epic breakfast I felt a certain sense of pride. Like a farmer who just won the "(insert-mid-western-state-here) state fair" with a 400 lb. Pig/Chicken crossbreed, I was proud, in awe of, and a little startled by the plate of food that I had created. And the best was still to come, duh, the consumption.

Pictured above is my most recent breakfast/brunch plate of food that I felt compelled to share:

Two Eggs
- fried w/ ketchup and hot sauce

Three Pieces of Scrapple
- Habbersett brand, Philadeplhia's favorite since 1863, I keep the pieces thin and cook 'em crispy, strictly hot sauce!

Cheddar Biscuits w/ Cream Chipped Beef
- Biscuits had extra sharp cheddar, and I added some mayo to the mix to make them extra fluffy, Cream Chipped Beef added that salt I was in dire need of.

and to wash it all down a Yuengling Bock Beer - an amazing seasonal dark lager that tastes like half original lager and half porter, not too heavy not too light

This was a doozy for sure, needless to say I did not even attempt to go skateboarding after this, just kicked it and enjoyed my first free Sunday a few months. cheers!


Melt. Down. Snowmelt Two

It's getting pretty warm in the greater Philadelphia area, as the temperature steadily increases we see the snow continue to melt off the tree sculpture. Flowers are still blooming on the walls, and we begin to see puddles form on the floor of the installation.



I've been pretty busy with a few projects lately, but when asked to participate in this interesting group show I couldn't decline. The show is called RECOVER, and basically I got to pick a vintage record sleeve to do whatever I wanted with (You can view all of the record sleeves they had, and who claimed which ones on TrickGo's flickr). The record sleeve that I chose was a split LP with songs from the musical "West Side Story" and "Flower Drum Song". I chose the sleeve because the buildings on it looked like something I might paint or make, so including the actual artwork would appear seamless. I wound up combining the building and pagoda shapes (hence the title), and I also pasted the text from the record sleeve on the back, rearranged to read as the title. Information about the piece is below:

"West Side Flower Drum Song Story"
12.5" x 12.5" x 1.75"
Mixed Media on Panel

The opening reception will be held at TrickGo (1135 Pine street, Philadelphia PA) this Saturday, March 19th. Come and party, its gonna be fun.

Thanks to Gab, Maxine, Matt, Courtney, and the rest of the TrickGo family for inviting me.

Melt. Down. Snowmelt One

On March 11th the first snowmelt occurred in the window on 764 s. 9th, above is the window as well as a closer shot of the freshly melted section. "Some flowers have started to bloom on the back wall, and the snow is beginning to melt off of what appears to be a dead tree" - an astute observer


Melt. Down. Installed!

Melt. Down. has officially been installed, above is a shot of the first phase at night!


First two of four new pieces for "Melt. Down."

"My Dream Coozie"
23.5" x 14.5" x 1.75"
mixed media on panel

18.5" x 18.5" x 2.75"
mixed media on panel

for pricing and availability please contact me via e-mail at: bradford.haubrich@gmail.com

Also, a big thanks to Mr. Daniel Fishel (o-fishel.com) for taking the time to interview me for a blog that he contributes to called Non- Slick.

check out the interview here