New Paintings for "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain"

"The End of Daze"
7.5" x 13" x 1.5"
Mixed Media

6" x 14" x 1.5"
Mixed Media

6" x 14" x1.5"
Mixed Media

Excited to share these new paintings, I made some smaller ones to juxtapose the larger ones that I will be showing at "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain" this Saturday September 2nd at Part Time Studios! 6 - 10 pm


T-Shirt Release for "The Skull, The Flower, The Bottle, The Mountain"!

I am pleased to announce that I will be releasing a limited run t-shirt graphic (shown above) through the generous support of my friends Sheldon and Matt of AUF. The shirt was inspired by a painting that I had made for a previous installation entitled "Melt. Down." In total there will only be 24 shirts available, 12 white 12 black, and once they're gone I'm pretty sure they're gone forever. Come early to "The Flower, The Skull, The Bottle, The Mountain" to get a shirt and hang out.

Oh yeah, me and Dewey are doing a 'zine too!


"The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain" New works by Bradford Haubrich and Dewey Saunders

I am excited to announce a two-person show I will be in this first Friday, September the 2nd at the one and only Part Time Studios (2031 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA) with my good friend Dewey Saunders. The show is entitled "The Skull, The Bottle, The Flower, The Mountain" and is based around four collaborative pieces that represent these things. The above promotional image was a collaboration between myself and Dewey, and includes actual photographs of the four collaborative pieces before we started painting them. Here is the promotional blurb on the back of the card:

Miraculously drawn together by the almighty powers of this universe, two Philadelphia-based artists have embarked on a collaborative journey. A timeless journey in which, like so many before it, the emphasis has been squarely rested upon the shoulders of an unpredictable process, as opposed to the fruits it may yield. Four objects have been chosen to set the stage for this adventure that will be coming to a brilliant end on Friday September 2nd at Part Time Studios (2031 Frankford Ave.)

Please come out and show some love! The opening is Friday, September 2nd from 6 - 10 and there will be a closing on Friday, September 23rd from 6 - 10.

There will also be a secret t-shirt released as a collaboration between myself and some very good friends of mine. more information to come soon.


BAM!POW! issue 2 drawings

Tomorrow the second issue of BAM!POW!, a zine put together by friend Kevin Wallace who is a part of the Chernobyl Arts Collective, will be released at Philamoca (531 n. 12th street, Philadelphia PA). I have contributed the three drawings above, there is also a great group show and some film/psychadelic art shows all put together by friends of mine. There is a ton of stuff to see and do tomorrow for first friday, but this event is definitely worth a look.