"The Century Plant" short film!!

Above is a short film about "The Century Plant" my most recent installation at The Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. It was filmed and edited by my extremely talented and dedicated friend Ian Mosley-Duffy. My friend/budding local journalist Kaitlyn Arillo also interviewed for the film, and the result is an amazing dialogue that is what makes this piece so special to me. I basically discuss some of my mental process, and how I came up with the concept. Please enjoy.

I would like to thank:

My Mom, Lee, and Dad, Gerard, as well as the rest of my extremely supportive family
Ian Mosley Duffy
Kaity Arillo
Jason Chen of Paradigm Gallery
Sara McCorriston of Paradigm Gallery
Phil Jackson for above photo/dope installation photos (philjacksonphoto.com !!)
Cherice Smithers for the inspiration

and my friends

and my cat Grayson


Backwords Poster for their residency at the Cake Shop and Bruar Falls

I was recently commissioned to make a poster for my buddies Backwords up in Brooklyn. This time around it is for their month-long Thursday night residency at The Cake Shop and Bruar Falls, in both Manhattan and Brooklyn respectively (I assume they're owned by the same people). The poster itself is based off of various textile designs from Peru and Mexico. I scanned my favorite sweater and used it as a subtle texture in the poster, as you can see in the detail shot above, to switch things up a bit.


Phrequency.com sticker/interview

I recently designed a limited edition sticker for my friends over at Phrequency.com for their second year anniversary. The stickers will be given out at their 2 year birthday bash at the Vincent Michael Gallery on December 9th. The top image is of the sticker that I made for them, and the bottom image is a poster that my main man Matt Gribben designed for the event.


Space 1026 Art Auction Donation

I recently donated one of my favorite pieces from "The Century Plant" to the Space 1026 Art Auction. For those that don't know, the art auction is a live event that occurs every year at Space, in which all the money goes to benefit this Philadelphia institution. I am extremely proud to donate "The Eagle King" to this year's auction, and look forward to the preview tomorrow night December 3rd from 7 pm - 10 pm. The auction will take place on December 10th doors open at 6, and the auction also begins at 7. Bidding starts at just $5!!

top promotional image for the auction by o.g. space 1026'er ben woodward

piece info:

"The Eagle King"
21" x 19" x 2"
Mixed Media on Board