Burly Breakfast

Sometimes after a long Saturday night, you wake up with one thing on your mind (or at least I do) "Where can I get the most filling and hearty breakfast imaginable??" This thought is then followed by the inevitable phone call(s) to the various members of your crew, to get a consensus on where this trough of food may be purchased at the most competitive price. Usually the answer is Honey's or even the Penrose Diner, however; yesterday I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Now I do not necessarily think of myself as a gifted chef by any means, but after I had completed this epic breakfast I felt a certain sense of pride. Like a farmer who just won the "(insert-mid-western-state-here) state fair" with a 400 lb. Pig/Chicken crossbreed, I was proud, in awe of, and a little startled by the plate of food that I had created. And the best was still to come, duh, the consumption.

Pictured above is my most recent breakfast/brunch plate of food that I felt compelled to share:

Two Eggs
- fried w/ ketchup and hot sauce

Three Pieces of Scrapple
- Habbersett brand, Philadeplhia's favorite since 1863, I keep the pieces thin and cook 'em crispy, strictly hot sauce!

Cheddar Biscuits w/ Cream Chipped Beef
- Biscuits had extra sharp cheddar, and I added some mayo to the mix to make them extra fluffy, Cream Chipped Beef added that salt I was in dire need of.

and to wash it all down a Yuengling Bock Beer - an amazing seasonal dark lager that tastes like half original lager and half porter, not too heavy not too light

This was a doozy for sure, needless to say I did not even attempt to go skateboarding after this, just kicked it and enjoyed my first free Sunday a few months. cheers!

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