How the West was Fun

I spent the beginning of this month in the beautiful state of Montana with my family visiting both Glacier National and Yellowstone National Parks respectively. My Dad asked me to make a shirt for the family, and of course I complied (when he says jump ...) above is the drawing that I did for the shirt, as well as some pictures of the shirt and our trip. I worked on this shirt ahead of time with my Dad, the goal was to make something that everyone liked from the kids to the adults, and also include some of the sights that we would be seeing along the way. Some of these that I put into the drawing are: the Roosevelt Arch, Going to the Sun Road, Granite Peak Mtn. of Glacier National, and also some geysers.

Pictures from top to bottom:
1. line drawing
2. the shirt
3. shirt detail
4. my younger sister Theo demonstrating her uncanny ability to sleep soundly in any position
5. St. Mary Lake at Glacier National
6. Buffalo in Hayden Valley at Yellowstone
7. The Grand Canyon at Yellowstone

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