Dirty issue 1

My friend Pat told me about this project that he was curating a few months ago in conjunction with the rad folks over at Fireball Printing and Pterodactyl Philadelphia (they have studio spaces, teach art classes, etc.) That project we spoke about is the first issue of the magazine above called "Dirty." Basically Pat let me do whatever I wanted, so I took the opportunity to do some new work on the computer. The first image(s) is the cover, Pat gave me a few phrases to visually react to, and in the end I chose to respond to "all art, no ads" I thought it would be a appropriate to make a composition-less piece that is all "art" like a consistent motion or stream of color and lines. The second image is entitled "Midnight in the Garden" and the third is entitled "Family." I really like how these turned out, and hope you enjoy them as well. Thanks.

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