Made In America : A Native Exhibition

Over the past couple of months I have had the pleasure of working with my friends Yis and Leah to put together easily the largest group show that I have ever been a part of. "Made In America: A Native Exhibition" features over forty artists/friends all contributing work loosely based on this interesting country of ours. We chose this theme because we wanted something culturally relevant, yet broad enough for folks to have varied reactions and through their respective media. The opening reception will take place on June 4th at the TRUST Gallery (formerly the F.U.E.L. Collection, and the Real World Philadelphia house before that) and will go from 6 -10 pm. There will be live performances by: Dragonzord, Tigersapien, and Univox!

Below is the list of artists that will be participating:

Scott Albrecht
Kelsey Allen
Joe Boruchow
Eric Braddock
Courtney Brown
Jude Buffum
Christian Cantiello
Jason Chen
Justin Crosby
Alaina Cunningham
Mark Dilks
Daniel Fishel
Kyle Fisher
Joseph Game
Nose Go
Matthew Gribben
Bradford Haubrich
Dan Hughes
Phil Jackson
Maxine Kramer
Adrienne Langer
Amy Li
Sarah McCorriston
Dietrich Meyer
Jesse Nicholl
Alex Passapera
Greg Pizzoli
Mark Price
Frances Quinlan
Leon Rainbow
Mark Raymond
Danielle Rizzolo
Dewey Saunders
Greg Simmons
MomTried Myles
Steven Speir
Inna Spivakova
Steve Streisguth
Stephanie Struse
Tamara Suber
Chris Terrell
Thom Venier
Emily Wallace
Dave Weeks
Hilary White
Tiffany Yoon

Hope to see you there!

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